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The aging process takes its toll on all of us through the vast majority of people focus on their physical appearance when it comes to growing older. The face is often the first area that shows signs of age and the first thing we see when we look at both ourselves and other people. It therefore isn't difficult to ascertain why so many people seek help when they first notice that time is taking its toll on their appearance.

Health First Medical Weight Loss & Skin Care offers Loma Linda Botox services to individuals whom want to rejuvenate their face; removing the lines and wrinkles that have appeared over time. Our Botox treatments help patients look their best and can even boost and/or restore confidence. Furthermore, Botox can help anyone from ages 18-65 look younger, healthier, and more vivacious.

What Is Botox?

Botox is a neurotoxic protein produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum and related species. It has various uses throughout modern medicine but it's perhaps best known as the compound that produces the disease "Botulism". While the bacterium responsible for Botox can be dangerous in food and infections, it is completely safe when used for medical purposes even those dealing with cosmetics.

Botox or "onabtulinumtoxinA" as it is known scientifically is a prescription medicine that works to block nerve impulses between the brain and the injection site. When these impulses are retarded or impeded muscle activity at the injection site slows to a crawl. This in turn causes lines and wrinkles to disappear leaving facial skin looking smooth and young.

Results And Longevity of Botox?

People often know little about Botox other than that it removes lines from the face and want to know just how soon after injections they'll see results. They also frequently want to know how long their face will retain its rejuvenated appearance. Most patients will begin to notice significant changes to their face in the days following their first treatment. Of course there is sometimes swelling at injection sites that can make it difficult to see immediate results but this usually fades in a manner of days.

With regards to how long results last, most patients that forego additional treatments will notice that the lines on their faces begin to return around the 3-6 month mark. Every patient is different and the heavier the effects of time they carry, the sooner they will require follow up injections. Our resident physician discusses with every patient the need for additional treatments and when exactly they'll need them.

Is Botox For Me?

Botox is for healthy individuals between the ages of 18-65. It matters not how many lines a face wears, Botox can eliminate them on a semi-permanent basis. As time passes our skin loses its elasticity which produces lines in between eyebrows, on our foreheads, and those around the mouth. Anyone with any of the aforementioned can use Botox to take years off their face and look more vibrant in the process.

Why Visit Health First?

There is an abundance of Botox services in any given area. Patients of Health First however enjoy not only the benefits of Botox but a supportive and caring staff as well. Our patients have access to our resident physician Dr. Leonard Schulkind, MD, and Botox specialists with whom they can consult. The health and well being of our patients is important to us which is why we adhere to extremely high standards of customer service and care. Our approach is personable, gentle, and supportive. You might be able to get Loma Linda Botox anywhere but you won't find the type of care and follow up that you will at Health First.


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