Coolsculpting Redlands

Coolsculpting Redands specialistAlthough we may eat a proper diet and exercise regularly some of the fat on our bodies remains obstinate and will remain despite our best efforts. When people discover this stubborn fat it can be discouraging and cause people to lose the motivation they need to stay on track with their health. Some people will attempt to either eat less or exercise more though most whom go this route experience fatigue and hypoglycemia. The good news is that your no longer have to live with these recalcitrant fat cells nor put your body through unnecessary stresses to rid yourself of them.

Help Is At Hand

Redlands Coolsculpting is a process by which the aforementioned fat cells are targeted and then eliminated. Furthermore stubborn fat is eliminated without any type of surgery or downtime. A patient can receive a Coolsculpting treatment and immediately resume their normal daily routine, be that work, physical activity, or relaxing at home. Treatments have no negative impact on a patients daily life.

Coolsculpting is the only FDA approved treatment for controlling and removing the fat that isn't eliminated through natural means such as diet and exercise. Even more encouraging, coolsculpting has an excellent track record with years of positive results that legitimize the procedure. Patients who undergo regular treatments love the way they both look and feel; their esteem and confidence heightened and reinforced.

How Coolsculpting Works

The Coolsculpting procedure is applied via a specialized machine. This machine crystallizes and freezes fat cells without affecting surrounding tissue. After fat cells are frozen the body absorbs and eliminates them naturally. The result is a more sculpted body that's free of fat. The technology is administered by our highly trained staff that operate our Coolsculpting machine with exact precision.

Coolsculpting Consultation in Redlands

Prior to beginning a Coolsculpting treatment, patients will meet with our staff for a consultation. Our resident physician will evaluate your overall health and then determine if the procedure is right for you. Provided you are in good health and a good fit for the procedure, you will then work with our staff to build a Coolsculpting treatment plan that's customized to fit your individual needs. Everything is tailored to both your goals and the needs of your body.

Treatment Begins

As soon as treatments begin a cooling device will be placed over your trouble areas and go to work on crystallizing fat cells. Many patients report noticing results as early as a few weeks following their first treatment though the greatest results are often seen between the 1 and 3 month mark as it takes time for the body to break down crystallized fat cells. Along with proper exercise and diet, Coolsculpting patients will find new confidence in their bodies as well as additional motivation that will drive them forward and help them remain living a healthy lifestyle.

Why Choose Health First Medical Weight Loss & Skin Care?

As Redlands Coolsculpting experts, Health First Medical Weight Loss & Skin Care is fully committed to the health of our patients. We aren't satisfied unless our customers are and so we go to great lengths to ensure we provide the very best in weight loss care and management. Our entire staff is composed of experienced and compassionate persons whom understand just how difficult and frustrating weight loss can be, even when you're doing things properly. Our gentle approach to business provides our customers with both confidence in our services and peace of mind. At Health First Medical Weight Loss & Skin Care you are in good hands.


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