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Weight loss is often an arduous journey rife with seemingly insurmountable
roadblocks, disappointments, impatience, and frustration. While different people experience varying levels of success, even the most ardent and dedicated person will tell you just how much of a struggle it can be. Even when people successfully meet their weight goals, maintaining a healthy weight proves to be an even greater challenge.

Fortunately there exists Fontana weight loss services. Health First Medical Weight Loss & Skin Care specializes in treating both those persons whom have little success trying to lose weight alone and those that are nearing the finish line but can't seem to cross it. Our staff works closely with our patients in setting realistic goals and in creating a weight loss plan that is tailored to the specific needs of individuals. We offer a variety of different treatments and even have physician in house to monitor the health of our patients.

Getting Started With Our Weight Loss Program

All patients are put through a routine physical before they are put on any weight loss program. Our physician, Dr. Leonard Schulkind, MD performs the procedure in order to ascertain what type of health patients are in when they first visit. If they are deemed to be in good health the doctor will begin discussing which treatment will work best for the patient.

The next step in the start up process is the nutritional consultation which is handled by one of our nutritionists. These dietary experts will draw up a diet plan that's designed specifically to facilitate weight loss in the healthiest and safest manner possible. Patients will learn not only what to eat but how to eat as well. To kick start their weight loss journey with us, patients are next prescribed weight loss medication in the form of an appetite suppressant.

Forms Of Weight Loss Treatment

In addition to the initial appetite suppressant and a diet plan, patients can opt for additional treatments to accelerate and keep their weight loss on track. These options consist of Fat Burner Plus and a vitamin B12 injections. Our staff will offer recommendations to those patients whom are not sure which injections are going to work best for them.

Medication 411

Our weight loss patients want to know what they are putting in their bodies and we are happy to share that information. Our appetite suppressants consist of Phentermine and Diucaps which help control hunger and those pesky "in between meals" cravings. Patients taking these medications will still experience natural hunger around traditional meals times. We also prescribe water retention pills that help control blood pressure and water weight in our patients.

Our vitamin B12 injections are used to increase both a patients red blood cell count and optimize nervous system activity. Both of these functions make weight loss easier and much more expeditious. Our fat burners accelerate the body's metabolism which plays a very large role in weight loss. The faster the metabolism, the easier it is to lose weight.

Weekly Consultations

At Health First Medical Weight Loss & Skin Care we encourage our patients to visit us on either a weekly or bi-weekly basis. By meeting with our staff at regular intervals patients can have medications refilled and can discuss concerns, their diet plan, or go over food logs for maximum efficiency. We believe that these visits also help to reinforce or reinvigorate wavering dedication in patients as well. Encouragement and accountability go a long way in helping patients to loose weight.

Why Choose Health First?

Health First Medical Weight Loss & Skin Care isn't content in simply medicating patients and shooing them out the door. Instead we seek to build a personable rapport with our patients. This not only facilitates trust and confidence in our patients but peace of mind as well. Our compassionate staff takes a personal interest in our patients which helps ensure them stay motivated and reach their goals. When it comes to Fontana weight loss, choose Health First.

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Health First is committed to helping you lose those unwanted pounds. We offer a knowledgeable staff of weight control specialists that are at your disposal.

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