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As we age our faces tend to bear the brunt of the years, developing lines and wrinkles that carry the weight of those years. While a select few wear these lines as a sort of badge of honor, the vast majority of people feel as though facial lines and wrinkles are a detriment to their physical appearance. Fortunately for such people there exists Juvederm. Juvederm is a facial "filler" which smooths out lines and wrinkles and leaves skin looking younger and healthier in the process.

Health First Medical Weight Loss & Skin Care offers Loma Linda Juvederm services to any person who might find themselves dissatisfied with their physical appearance. If you want healthy and rejuvenated skin, our Juvederm services can help.

What Is Juvederm?

Unlike Botox which is a cultivated byproduct of a different bacterium, Juvederm is a cross linked product made from hyaluronic acid which itself is a byproduct of the Streptococcus bacteria. While most people will shudder seeing the word "Strep", the truth is that Juvederm is safe for use when administered by medical professionals and it is used in a variety of different ways throughout the world of modern medicine. It's cosmetic properties however are what it's best known for and rightfully so. Juvederm is created through a manufacturing process called "Hylacross" which is what gives Juvederm it's smooth gel-like properties. It is also a very resilient product as well; capable of producing long lasting results.

When Will You See Significant Results?

The vast majority of patients notice the effects of Juvederm immediately following their injections. A select few however will have to wait a day or two for the swelling around their injection sites to subside before seeing results. As it pertains to exactly how long the results of Juvederm last, well that varies from patient to patient though the overwhelming vast majority of persons can expect their face to retain a young and healthy appearance for up to one full year. Those that allow follow up treatments to lapse will notice that the lines and wrinkles eradicated by Juvederm begin to slowly return after the one year mark.

How Juvederm Works

Juvederm is a facial filler and while Botox achieves success through paralyzation of facial muscles and blocking brain impulses to the face, Juvederm adds volume to facial tissue with its hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is a natural occurring substance in the human body though as we age its levels steadily decrease. Juvederm simply send the body a fresh supply. The result is a healthier, younger, and line free face.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Like all other medical cosmetic treatments Juvederm has it's share of side effects. All of these are relatively minor however and generally do not last more than a few days. Juvederm patients sometimes experience redness at injection sites as well as some tenderness. They may also notice small lumps and/or bumps at or around the areas where the product was injected. Lastly a small number of patients report minor pain or itching near injection sites. Again, these are all very minor and disappear within the first week of treatment.

Recovery Time

The time it takes to recover from Juvederm injections is minimal and patients can return to their daily responsibilities right away. It is important to note however that patients should avoid wearing makeup, engaging in strenuous activity, stay out of the sun, and abstain from alcohol for a 24 hour period following injections.

Why Health First?

Health First Medical Weight Loss & Skin Care is deeply invested in helping its patients look and feel their best. This is why we offer Loma Linda Juvederm along side several other treatments. While we are certainly proud of the success our patients have with the product it is our approach to care that we are most proud of. While there are many health offices that simply administer injections and send patients on their way, Health First invests in its patients. Through compassionate and attentive care our patients find not only a rejuvenated face but support and peace of mind as well. We offer consultations both with a physician and with our personable and knowledgeable staff. We believe that by building a rapport with our patients we foster trust and confidence in our services and our office.

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