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Losing weight and then maintaining your goal weight are no easy tasks. Both require a psychological change, attitude, proper diet, and of course plenty of physical activity. While nearly everyone has at least some success when they set out to loose weight, there are many people whom struggle with the process. So arduous and disappointing is the process some for some that they give up and gain their lost weight back. Even the most ardent individuals can fall prey to frustration, impatience, and temptation which is why there exists Loma Linda medical weight loss programs.

Health First Medical Weight Loss & Skin Care treats people for whom weight loss remains overly difficult. Individuals often reach out to us after months and even years of struggling with weight. For some, our weight loss treatments are simply an additional boost to their already stellar effort helping them shed those last few stubborn pounds. For others, our services provide not only weight loss medications to help them reach their goals but support and direction as well.

Getting Started with Our Weight Loss Program

When an individual first becomes a patient they'll be asked to undergo a complete physical. This procedure is administered by our resident physician, Dr. Leonard Schulkind, MD. This physical will allow our physician to ascertain what type of health you are in and determine whether or not you are a candidate for weight loss treatments.

Once a patient has been cleared for treatment, they will meet with a nutritionist for a consultation. Our nutritionists will create a diet plan that is both safe and effective. These consultations also teach patients how to eat; illustrating both proper portion sizes and types of food. An exercise plan will also be developed and discussed as regular physical activity boosts the body's metabolism and accelerates weight loss. Patients will also have an opportunity to discuss any concerns they may have and ask questions during this process.

Weight Loss Medications

Once a patient has consulted with both our physician and one of our nutritionists, they will receive a 1 week supply of medication (Phentermine/Diucaps) designed to further speed up their metabolism and make loss of weight a consistent process. This medication is an appetite suppressant that helps control cravings in between meals. Patients will still crave meals however ensuring proper eating. Patients will also receive water retention pills in order to stabilize blood pressure and regulate water weight.

Weight Loss Injections

Health First is committed to helping its patients lose unwanted weight and therefore offers weight loss injections for those patients whom need a little extra push in reaching their goals. These injections consist of a pharmaceutical Fat Burner Plus and a vitamin B12 supplement. Combined, these two potent medications help patients get rid of the most stubborn of fat.

Choosing Health First Medical Weight Loss & Skin Care

There are any number of weight loss programs available in any given area. Individuals whom need or want help with weight loss however will undoubtedly want a program that provides support and care for its patients in addition to medications. At Health First our number goal is customer satisfaction which is why our programs consist of patient care in addition to medication. We seek to provide peace of mind and confidence in our patients through comprehensive services that include a physician, nutritionists, a diet plan, food and exercise logs, and weekly or bi-weekly visits for both consultations and refills. Our approach to Loma Linda medical weight loss is effective, safe, and supported by a compassionate staff.

Weight Loss Program Details

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Health First is committed to helping you lose those unwanted pounds. We offer a knowledgeable staff of weight control specialists that are at your disposal.

Our program consists of:

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