Medical Weight Loss Redlands

Despite our best efforts weight loss can be an arduous journey fraught with temptations, many small failures, frustration, and feelings of hopelessness. While there are certainly those individuals whom succeed in reaching their weight goals on their own, many of us need help. Some of us want someone to whom we can be accountable to while others need an additional voice motivating and pushing them when temptation and mental fatigue set in.

Health First Medical Weight Loss & Skin Care is Redlands premiere weight loss program and we help people meet their weight loss goals through a number of different programs. We are weight control specialists that can act as that proverbial extra push when you are struggling to meet your goals on your own. Our patients have a high success rate because our care is the most comprehensive you'll find in Southern California.

Our Medical Weight Loss Program

At Health First Medical Weight Loss & Skin Care we are meticulous in our weight loss plans and in creating very specific and safe goals for individuals. As not every client has the same goals nor requires the same treatment our staff of weight control specialists work tirelessly in creating unique weight loss plans that caters to the specific needs of every patient.

Getting Started

Every patient that comes to us for help receives a complete physical by a real medical doctor. This vital first step gives our physicians a clear look at your overall health and can help them determine what type of weight loss is right and safe for you. Once the results of your physical are received our physicians begin working with the rest of our staff to build and implement a weight loss strategy that's going to help you meet your goals safely, comfortably, and properly.

Nutrition Consultation

After your overall health has been assessed you'll receive a nutrition consultation. Many people waffle with weight loss simply because they don't know how to eat properly. The right foods as well as portion control are paramount and our talented staff will construct a meal plan that's not only easy to stick to but delicious as well. Your specific meal plan will tell you how much weight you'll lose which makes your goals look and feel much more attainable.

Weight Loss Medication

As weight loss isn't ever an easy journey, Health First Medical Weight Loss & Skin Care offers its patients medication on a weekly basis to give the process a boost. These medications are appetite suppressants that help control hunger and the sometimes overwhelming desire to eat. As long as your physical deems you healthy enough for Phentermine and Diucaps these powerful medications can be of tremendous help in reaching your goals and retraining your body and brain.

Additional Injections

In addition to the appetite suppressants we offer our patients we also make a few injections available to them. These additional boons not only help patients reach their goals but give them energy they might sometimes feel is missing as they begin to consume less food and eat properly. This added energy will allow them to push through work and daily activities and can help with exercise as well. Our injections consist of a Fat Burner Plus and a Vitamin B12 solution that are designed to give you the edge you need to reach your weight goals.

Medication Purposes

Many patients have questions about the medications we offer and in order to provide them/you with peace of mind and a bit of knowledge we offer the following:

Weekly And Bi-Weekly Consultations

In addition to medications and a diet and exercise plan Health First Medical Weight Loss & Skin Care patients will meet either weekly or bi-weekly with our nutritionists to review their week, their diet plan, food log, and to address any concerns or questions they may have. These consultations also help our patients remain accountable to someone which helps them stay on track. Weight loss is tough on your own and more people find success when they work with others during their journey.

Health First Medical Weight Loss & Skin Care in Redlands CA

When you're looking for help in reaching your weight loss goals it can be tough to find a firm that meets all your needs. Compounding the issue, there are a large number of weight loss programs in every city which only makes your decision all the more difficult. As Redlands Weight Loss specialists we differentiate ourselves from our competitors by focusing on customer service and tailoring programs to meet the specific needs of every individual whom walks through our doors. We love what we do and the people we work with which means there is always a lot of love, care, and respect in our methods of operation. We also approach and work with patients gently; never pushing anyone too hard nor do we ever use demeaning tactics or attitudes to push our patients in the right direction. We believe that a healthy body is nothing without a healthy mind and so we focus on compassion, integrity, and honesty at Health First Medical Weight Loss & Skin Care. We look forward to helping you meet your weight loss goals and to living a happier healthier life.


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